The consortium” Darkhaninveststroy” has been constructing buildings and facilities for any dedication and of any degree of complexity for over 18 years.

At the present time more than 10 transactor units which carry out works on consruction of “turnkey” projects –from designing till projects commission function within the consortium. The enterprises of the consortium are also represented in the closely-spaced regions: Irkutsk city, in Mongolia.

During these years the large-scale industrial enterprises, Ministries and institutions, business-entities have become our partners. As a whole over the period since the alliance incorporation more than 50 projects particularly about 50 thousand square metres of residential space have been built, reconstructed and commissioned. In the reference list of the consortium “Darkhaninveststroy” there are buildings and facilities for very different dedication: courts and medical centres buildings, tourist complexes and large objects for sports dedication, religious constructions and residential houses.

The enterprises of the consortiumdid not have and do not have tax arrears into the budget and extra –budgetary funds, arrears in salaries to employees of the enterprises.

Over the whole period since the state registration of the consortium none of the enterprises has been dissolved according to the administration order, there has been no case of administrative receivership initiation, the enterprises activity has not been discontinued.

The enterprises not only have kept their potential function but have managed to develop and from one year to the next to increase the constructive- wiring works volumes, to take projects into use by meeting all their contractual engagements conditional with state contracts and agreements.

The formed potential function of the construction management personnel is able to supply with

additional positions of employment and is able to carry out the volumes of works in the amount of 2-3 milliard roubles.

The consortium” Darkhaninveststroy” hereafter is ready to complete the set tasks, to work by increasing capacities, to carry out the constructive - wiring works with high quality and to take into use projects within the established deadlines in accordance with made agreements and contracts.


The Chief Executive

of the Consortium” Darkhaninveststroy”

General director of LLC «Darkhanstroy» D.D. Dashitsyrenov.