The LLC «Darkhanstroy» is a member of the consortium ” Darkhaninveststroy”. It was founded in 1999 and fulfils the functions of a prime contractor.

The LLC «Darkhanstroy» possesses all the necessary capabilities for constructing projects of any complexity ( administrative and office buildings, social and cultural, sport buildings and constructions, residential houses etc.), with advanced technology use while constructing the new architectural –technological system of house-building of multi-storied one piece and skeletonized buildings in combination with effective carcasses. The abatement of materials consumption, of value and energy consumption in the process of building and exploitation of edifices is achieved. The company also offers its services in low-rise building.

The LLC «Darkhanstroy» has the conformity certificate of quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, relating to the constructive- wiring and project works production, to carrying on the functions of a prime contractor and a building owner.