Vehicles and special vehicles


 It renders the automotive transport, special vehicles, construction site engines and machinery lease services. It owns the huge park of new construction machinery ( more than 40 units): excavators, auto- loaders, dumptrucks, and also other vehicles and machinery, which are necessary for realization of constructive works. The presence of various park of special vehicles always allows to satisfy  the majority of building owners` demands.


The main principles of  the company`s work performance are:

  • The constant updating, increasing of the technical park and expansion of types of offered special vehicles
  • The highest quality of performed works and of special vehicles preparation.
  • Professionality and qualification of the employees.
  • Efficiency  - at most short time-schedule of an order filling,  fast delivery and  maintenance of leased special vehicles.
  • The wide range of offered services – performance of all types of works.
  • Reliability – maintenance  of special vehicles continuous work.