Concretes and grouting compounds

 Concrete and grouting compound of any marks are manufactured. Two designed for all-season work concrete production plants by 100 cubic meters/hour total output and plus the park of concrete mixer trucks enable to deliver the products to a project of any scale.

    The useful information for a customer.

 The concrete of  M-100 mark – is used for grouting of floors, constructing of weak groundworks, fixing.

 The concretes of  M-200-M400 marks –are used for grouting of groundworks depending on the project specifications and the complexity of a building project.

The grouting compounds of M50-M150marks – are used for masoning and plastering of surfaces.

W-6 (fast to water admixture) – allows to conduct building and laying of the foundation on water-logged grounds or on the grounds submitted to action of subterranean waters.

Superplasticising admixture – allows to achieve the necessary plastic properties of concrete.

Cryoplast- increasing the concrete frost tolerance admixture which allows to  conduct the process of concrete grouting and which keeps its plastic properties till 25 C subzero.