The functions of a bilding owener

One of the leading aspects of modern construction activities is the functions of a building owner. The services of a building owner not only mean the  project building process organization from pre-design preparation till the conduction of project, scientific research, technological and other works but also the fulfilment of technical inspection and other activities. A building owner incurs a liability for a project commission in accordance with a building period.

 The reason for growth of actuality namely of the services of a building owner is the absence of a lot of investors` possibility to fulfil the daily systematic control of constructive work flow at the project and to hold the other necessary activities in the context of real properties erection.  We are ready to undertake a building owner`s functions which includes the large list of services which is determinable on an individual basis in accordance with every building owner`s requirements.

Among the main services of a building owner are:

·         searching for a building site;

·         the necessary documents preparation;

·         design development and its approval and its appraisal;

·         tender action;

·         control of constructive work flow etc.

Our  professional staff members possess the huge experience in execution of a building owner`s function. It is the proven and evaluated on the great quantity of successfully constructed projects mechanism which is  a warranty of reliability and efficiency to an investor. It means that project construction in partnership with us as a building owner will be carried out within the appropriate time limits, in workmanlike manner, in professional way, with  use of modern building methods and construction projects management. We render the complete range of the services of a building owner.

According to the contract of execution of functions of the owner the next measures are implemented: 

  1.  Building site finding

 Site finding is carried out with engagement  of general designer, who gets from technical employer, who implements functions of construction owner, approved in the prescribed manner assignment for realization of the complex of engineering investigations, which supply project designers with initial materials, without them it will be impossible to choose correctly relating to spatial planning and constructive solutions and develop cost benefit analysis of coming investment project, that is to implement functions of  owner in a proper way.

 It includes:

  • Topographic-geodesic exploration (data about relief from the point of its suitability for construction);
  • Geological examination (examination of geological structure of construction site and soil properties from the point of bottoming and fundament installation);
  • Groundwater exploration (examination of presence and influence of underground and above ground waters, their suitability for drink and technical use):
  • For complicated projects of construction sometimes economic, corrosion and seismic explorations are held. 
  1. Gathering of initial permit documentation: 
  • Summary for real property survey;
  • Rough sketch  № 1
  • Summary for design specifications;
  • Summaries of approving authorities;
  • Town-planning summary.  
  1. Getting of specification for connection to the mains and services:

 Summary for project utilities;

  • Rough sketch  2;
  • Average specification of  hook-up. 
  1. Supplying with design documents
  2. Owner`s functions during construction activity 

Before beginning of building activity: 

  •  Initiation of project building permission; 
  • Electric power supply provision; 
  • Control of geodesic survey efforts. 

During  building activity:

  • Functions of technical inspection of quality and accordance of  works being executed with design consideration;
  • Recording of completed works volumes;
  • Signing of concealed works act;
  • Providing of control of works execution according to noticings of engineering company field supervision.

6        Plant handover for commissioning

 Owner`s services compulsorily include professional negotiation and representation of client`s interests in state and business entities.  Owner in this case  provides constant control  of  project works conformity to specifications of supervisory authorities and also adherence to contract terms and performance time by master-builders. 

      Owner  together with a master-builder regularly  prepares plant handover   for state commissioning and also a project commission which are an integral part of a building owner`s service. To entrust fulfilment of technical employer`s functions to our experts  means saving of time, of funding resourses without loss of quality.

According to a contract the company which fulfils a building owner`s functions undertakes the resolution of all emergent situations releasing clients from solution of plenty of complex problems